Getting that Pregnancy Glow


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Even without having been through infertility and miscarriage, pregnancy can be fraught with worry and stress from dealing with your changing body and rampant hormones. Despite being extra cautious about getting excited early on in my pregnancy (due to our history), I still allowed myself some indulgences to really enjoy being pregnant. Whether you have a history of infertility and miscarriage or not, here are some things to help make you glow.

Combatting Nausea

Okay, so learning that you’re finally pregnant while you’re on vacation in Hawaii is sure to help with the glow; yes, I consider myself lucky. This Hawaiian Ginger Syrup makes super refreshing, gingery drinks whether you’re pregnant or not. Nonetheless, ginger has long been known to help relieve nausea, and this was a delicious way to stay hydrated. Have your husband make you a sparkling, sweet ginger mocktail with this syrup, some fresh lime juice, some muddled mint leaves, and club soda and sip away.

The Snoogle – “Babe, you’re probably going to have to sleep on the couch in the 3rd trimester.”

I love my sleep and purchased this pregnancy pillow early on before I even developed my baby bump. Personally, I love it. It allows you to sleep comfortably on your side with your head on one end of the pillow and with the other end between your knees. I sometimes use it lounging on the couch and even brought it car camping with us. It’s so comfortable that your husband might get jealous.


I usually get complimented on my skin, but instead of a glow, I got pregnancy acne. I didn’t feel comfortable using my usual skincare products (because one has retinol in it), so I searched for some pregnancy-safe products to combat the pimples. Oh, and being small-chested, one of the perks of pregnancy is finally some cleavage! The downside was that I got chest acne, too! I use this facial wash, which features lactic acid, one of the few ingredients that is considered safe during pregnancy. It has a very light, pleasant cucumber fragrance and is gentle and non-drying on my skin. I also purchased this konjac sponge to use both on my face and chest. Either my skin has adjusted to the hormones or my skincare regimen is working, but both my face and chest has mostly cleared up.

The Belly Cream

I know, I know…there really is no way to prevent stretch marks from occurring. Still, this was another one of my early pregnancy indulgences. It’s an organic, luxurious cream that made me feel pampered and makes the skin on my belly oh-so-soft. The rose scent is subtle and not overpowering, which is a big thing for me, and it never feels greasy. I slather it on my belly and bum after showering, and I enjoy the ritual. In fact, I just ran out and purchased my second jar.

Exercise during Pregnancy

I think women that have miscarried are sometimes overly cautious when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. I took up pilates before getting pregnant and took it easy on myself during the first trimester. Once I started having more energy, though, I got my butt in gear and started doing pilates at least 2-3 times a week regularly, and Sean and I go for a walk or hike at least once a week. The pilates classes make me feel great; they make me feel stronger and like I’m preparing my body for the real work that’s about to come. I plan to continue it until I give birth and hope it makes labor a little easier.

Dressing the Bump

Everyone’s so different and I’m no style maven, but I think it’s important to find maternity clothes that make you feel comfortable and pretty. There are a ton of blogs out there on dressing the bump. One of my particular favorites is the Dressing the Bump series on Oh Joy! A lot of the items she lists are pricey, but there are definitely some more affordable options, too. I’ve found good deals on, Gap Maternity, and My favorite pieces so far are actually not maternity pieces; both are just lined, simple, below-the-knee dresses made with super soft material, no elastic–easy, comfortable, feels good on your skin, and flattering.

This is my second pregnancy after trying to conceive for 3 years, but it’ll be our first kid. I’ll never be one of those women that got pregnant easily, doesn’t know what it’s like to experience pregnancy loss, and didn’t have to come to terms with possibly never having children… but I’m not complaining. I love where I am right now–big-bellied, sore back, heartburn and all. There’s just nothing better than being able to indulge and pamper myself knowing I have this baby in my belly. I don’t know if it’s because it took us so long and so many tears, but I’m so truly grateful.

Please share: Do you have any tips for enjoying or embracing pregnancy? especially for the third trimester, which I’m heading into soon. How to deal with discomforts that come along, or how to feel beautiful with a huge belly, or how to prepare for labor without an epidural?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for products that I personally use and believe have value to my readers. When you make a purchase using my affiliate link, I earn a small commission. Thanks for showing your support for my blog!

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