I Smell Like Goat Colostrum. Mmmmm… Part II

Scout’s turn! I wake up to Scout bleating urgently. Sean gets up to check the time and tells me its 5:20. Usually, the earliest Scout will wake us up to get fed is 5:45 am, so Sean goes out to check on her. Sure enough, he comes back to confirm that she’s in labor. I jump out of bed, put on my glasses and pants–I don’t remember what order–turn on the electric hotpot to heat up water for her and rush out to the back. Scout had had twins before we got her, and we had just gone through Nanna’s kidding less than 48 hours ago, so we are all seasoned now. 😉

Scout was much more vocal than Nanna, as is typical for them. She probably woke up the entire neighborhood, but we gave her a break considering she was in labor. She popped out a tiny blue-eyed buckling, who was much more spritely than Sterling from the get-go. Another single birth! Ah well! as long as everyone is healthy.








2 responses to “I Smell Like Goat Colostrum. Mmmmm… Part II

    • He is such a little cutie-pie. Wishing you and your goat(s) a smooth delivery. Oh, and just wait till they start prancing and bouncing around–too adorable for words. Can’t wait to see your pics!

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