My Self-Imposed Facebook Fast: Day 5

Today is just day 5 of my Facebook diet, but it feels like it’s been at least a week since I last checked the F-page. In an effort to be more mindful and do less mindless scrolling, I voluntarily banned Facebook-checking until the end of the month (unless I receive an alert that someone has sent me a message). what-its-like-to-be-without-facebook-in-chinaAdded up, the spared moments have been used to paint a table that I’m refinishing, practice minutes of mindful meditation during breaks at work, finally fill out insurance claims to get paid for a corporate wellness nutrition presentation I gave last month, take afternoon naps with my husband, and write more blog posts!

It’s so easy to go to Facebook on autopilot and start comparing your life to others as they present them through their FB posts and pictures. I’m guilty of presenting only the positive myself. But most likely, real life pales in comparison to your “friends'” FB lives unless you’re a young, photogenic, retired billionaire living your dream without a bad day ever… er, right?

Have you ever put yourself on a Facebook diet? How did it turn out for you?

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